KD Decoratives (Blachere) – Framework designs

KD Decoratives – Drayton Manor FRAMEWORK

From November 2016 JCDesign has been doing work with Blachere to design decorations and themes for public events. These include lightweight structures that are typically hung from lift points within public spaces (which therefore require designing and validating). Research and development into compact yet robust designs which save space for transportation and are easy to assemble are key to KD Decoratives. As a result, the design work and validation is a process that JCDesign are keen to take on.

Theme park theming is a large part of KD Decoratives (Blachere’s) portfolio. A new ride theme had been requested by Drayton Manor which was based around Cars. The revamp includes underlying framework for a welding arm, a car support and balcony framework for other cars. All of these areas were rigorously designed and validated before manufacture by JC Design.

see this video showing the finished product.

Drayton Manor Ride: https://www.draytonmanor.co.uk/rides-and-attractions/accelerator

KD Decoratives: http://www.kddecoratives.com/themeparks/

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