Byworth Boilers Ltd. – Rolling project involvement

JC Design are currently doing work with Byworth Boilers in the following areas; Drafting, CAD models and Specification writing.

Byworth have an illustrious portfolio of big clients such as Timothy Taylor’s, First Milk, York Brewery and Tangerine just to name a few. In October 2016 they received the Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation showing their credentials as “being the preferred partner in providing the most fuel efficient steam and hot water boiler solutions for industrial applications“.

Area’s of involvement – Boilers

  • JC Design will write specifications for the boilers and ancillaries. This ensures production can be issued these off the back of the design work. This is also benefitial to maintain continuity.
  • The designs require a lot of drafting to ensure adequate information is shown for both manufacturing and the client.
  • 3D models are useful for communicating design intent, they are also used to produce the final drawings.

JC Design look forward to further work with Byworth, we will be keeping an eye on the projects of involvement for a further update when possible.

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